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those n is a surveillance documents that he received from edward snowden. joining us now, farhad nanju. and here in washington, david zurich, television and media critic for the baltimore sun. farhad, do these tech billionaires have a shot at reviving and revolutionizing the news business? >> yeah. i don't want to be too hopeful, but i would say that they do have a shot. i think for the first time that i've been working in journal i. for the past ten years or so, there's some glimmers of hope. there's reasons to be optimistic that we may see a turn around. and that's mostly because these billionaire res known to -- are known primarily for their business model innovations, for the experimentation and their willingness to try new things. .that's precisely, i think, what the journalism business needs. and, of course, they also have deep pockets so they can -- you know, they can sustain lots of losses before something pays off. >> it really helps to have a big bank book, especially since these changes will obviously take time. but how do you sell news? let me put up a photo on the screen f
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1